New Ergo 5 strings

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New Ergo!

a new chapter

a new chapter

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Custom Cream 5 string

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Announcing ‘Shorty’ models…

proto a.. I’ve been fielding requests for many years from players who’ve asked for 34″-36″ scale EUB’s, and though I’ve generally declined, I’ve decided that it might be best to at least test the waters, and offer ‘shorties’ if that’s really what players are after.. Shown here is a prototype 34″ scale six string currently listed on Ebay..

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Artist: Damon Smith

Damon Smith

damonsmith“I needed to find a travel bass this year so I looked at several options, the semi acoustic options were OK, but in the end they would end being a poor substitute for my double bass. On the other hand, all the other EUBs I have played have left me a bit cold as I tend to play un-amplified about 80% of the time. I wanted something with new options that I would enjoy playing. A student brought over a 4 string ergo, not long after I ordered a 6 string from Jesse.

This instrument is amazing on so many levels.Saying it sounds “like an acoustic bass” is partly true but it also important to point out has it’s own unique sound based on the resonance of wood and strings. it has a gorgeous sound unplugged both arco and pizzicato ( perfect for 2 am practice!!!), the pick up system amplifies the sound of the body and bridge rather than the strings. It is warm and inviting to play. The overtone series behaves just like my double bass making every harmonic, subtone, bi-tone and mulit-phonic available. I prefer the sound of the ergo to my amplified double bass and will be using for most if not all situations that require amplification. The extended range of the low ‘B’ and high ‘C’ give new and amazing possibilities as does the stand ability to lay the thing flat like an ironing board for easier preparation. The pizzicato sound retains the percussiveness as well as the warm rich detail of the double bass it also has wide and rich variety of colors with the bow and is very easy to make a singing pure tone at multiple dynamic levels. Every traditional and extended technique I work with projects perfectly. It took a few days to get used to the 6 stings but it was well worth it. I have the action set nearly the same as my double bass and thus switching between the two is no trouble and I do not lose any strength or technique. In the short time I have had it I have used it contexts ranging from detailed chamber music to free jazz and more experimental playing. The elegant design and warm sound wins people over immediately. I would recommend it not only for double bassists wanting an EUB or travel instrument but also as a better option than a cheap plywood bass for beginners. Jesse Blue has really given bass players a true gift with offering us such an amazing design and beautiful instrument at these prices.”


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